“a clear picture of dangerously low confidence in truthfulness and trustworthiness of political-government representatives, the media, and the rule of law”

Ray Dalio:

It is an ominous picture because these conditions are classic symptoms of stage 5 of the internal order- disorder cycle, which is just before stage 6 which is when there are great internal conflicts—typically some form of civil war. That is because most people willingly follow rules and laws rather than fight for what they want only when they believe that the people overseeing the system are good and fair. Without these beliefs, they are inclined to fight for what they want and believe in. When that happens, terrible fighting ensues, and order is lost. Since we recognize how bad the trust in the system has become and the behaviors of certain people are, and we can imagine what that could lead to, perhaps we will take actions to improve things – like demand truthfulness and objectivity from politically elected officials and the media and reaffirm our commitment to the legal system to judge us. 

I thank all of you who gave me your assessments. I read many excellent comments and perspectives, the best of which I hope to share at some point. I invite those of you who haven’t read my piece, “Declines of Truth, Trust, and the Rule of Law Have Throughout History Led to, and Are Now Leading to, Disorder,” and/or haven’t shared your perspective on it to do so here

As you probably know from my study of history and observations of what is now happening, I believe that the five “Big Cycle” evolutionary forces—1) the financial/economic force, 2) the domestic order-disorder force, 3) the international order-disorder force 4) the nature-climate force, and the 5) technology force—have always interacted, and are now interacting, to make very big changes in the world order. I believe that it is critically important to understand and manage these changes well. In my book and YouTube video, I showed how these have worked over the last 500 years of history and in my posts and articles, I try to show how things are transpiring relative to the template explained in the book and the video. This most recent article was about the growing domestic disorder. The one before that was about the financial-economic force. The next one will probably be on the nature-climate force.