Gender Education Program Normalizes ‘Adam Identifying as Eve’ at Chicago Jewish Day School

Florian Sohnke:

Sixth grade Jewish day school curriculum “drives a wedge between parents and children” around gender identity

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, an elite Jewish day school on the North Side of Chicago which is accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools, has mandated “controversial ideology” as part of its gender education program for middle schoolers as early as sixth grade, Chicago Contrarian has learned.

A long-time “BZ parent” who describes himself as a “committed Jew and devout liberal” told Contrarian that the school’s “Human Growth & Development” program in sixth grade instructs kids that they can choose their own gender alongside “a decidedly non-kosher smorgasbord of sexual identities.”

The initiative is “driving a wedge between parents and students,” the parent notes, by “appropriating, without parental consent, for BZ’s teachers the final say on parenting and acceptable beliefs around these topics.”

This parent notes that he decided “not to share his name on-the-record” because he has “every expectation that the teachers and HS counseling staff would surreptitiously undermine my children’s applications to high school if they were to find out.”

According to the parent, Zell is using material with students from TSER or Trans Student Educational Resources to suggest that gender identity “is fluid” and can include not only “female/woman/girl” and “male/man/boy” but also “other gender(s)” as well. This BZ parent went on to say: “My child accused me of being ‘transphobic’ when I relayed the fact that some biologists take the position that sex is a fact based on chromosomes.”