One City Schools CEO talks what led to partial closure, plan to bring 9,10th grades back

Arman Rahman
Arman Rahman
Arman Rahman

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According to Caire, the school was forced to take its foot off the gas by closing 9th and 10th grades, when five core subject teachers left between last September and December.

“We didn’t hire teachers, enough teachers, that could retool their curriculum to serve students that were 5,6,7 years behind academically,” he said.

But in literature distributed to parents, Caire laid out their plan to start bringing the grades back in 2025.

According to the Founder and CEO, over 67% of their 9th and 10th graders tested five or more years behind in reading, and 59% tested five or more years behind in math, on the “nationally-normed STAR assessment.”

Caire says they did not test all of their students before the first day of last school year, making it hard for new teachers.

Going forward, that will change and their prep-year program, an “intense, customized, remedial instruction,” for 6th-8th graders on the first day.