Parent Coaches

Jon Masson:

But overall, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive for the two.

“I wouldn’t change it,” Angie Murphy said. “It’s been wonderful, but it’s been tough. As a coach’s kid, you are under a microscope. We have great parents here and we have great kids, so she hasn’t had to deal with a lot of that, but I have known horror stories where coaches coach their kids and people say, `Well, that kid is playing because their mom or dad is the coach.’

“We haven’t had to deal with that here. She earned it on the court because of her skills, not because her mom is the coach.”

Megan Murphy, who first started playing basketball in kindergarten and now has verbally committed to UW-Stevens Point, said, “It’s fun to share the wins with her and the good things about basketball.”

But she added, “We try to avoid talking about basketball at home. Otherwise, it gets to be too much.”