Civics, Congressional Trading: On average, Democrats were down -1.76% in 2022, whereas Republican members were up +0.4%. Meanwhile, the S&P500 itself was down 18% in 2022.

Unusual Whales:

One of those fields that are filled with unusual trading is Congressional trading. And so, Congressional stock trading was a hot topic in 2022. Our 2021 political trading report brought international attention to Congress and their stock portfolios and for the first time caused a large public outcry on the topic. Within weeks of publishing it, Congress acted swiftly with drafting several proposals for a stock trading ban. Notably, 27 lawmakers immediately signed on to ban the practice, with politicians at the forefront such as Rep.Spanbanger egging Unusual Whales on and others like Senator Hawley directly quoting UW’s work. Together, we kept the topic in the news and in the minds of politicians for months. 

Other examples of the UW report making waves: