Student career planning app

Scott Girard

Upon completion, the app will have a variety of features to help students. They’ll be able to communicate with their adviser through it rather than by email — key for students who can easily get lost in a sea of emails, they said — and see how certain classes can lead to a wide array of career possibilities. Another tool will show how much it costs to get into a field given degree or certification requirements.

They’re also doing outreach to workers in a variety of fields to create videos explaining their profession and their path into it. The first video they completed came from the teacher whose class they skipped to visit Evers.

Among their most significant challenges throughout the process has been avoiding distractions, they said, recounting times they’ve had to walk by friends playing video games to instead find a room to meet in and discuss next steps for the app.

“Every single day, you see your friends playing and it’s like, ‘Business meeting, we’ve got to go,’” Obuseh said. “We’ve got images of hundreds of whiteboards split up with all different ideas and different customizations and features.”