A debate on COVID lockdown and censorship taxpayer supported policies: 15 November

The SOHO forum

On October 8, 2020, then-director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins sent an internal memo to Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the President. The subject-line read: “Great Barrington Declaration.”

The memo read, in part:

“The proposal from the three fringe epidemiologists… seems to be getting a lot of attention — and even a co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford. There needs to be a quick and devastating take down of its premises. I don’t see anything like that on line yet–is it underway?” The memo was signed, “Francis.”

The “three fringe epidemiologists” referenced in the memo included Professor Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University; the other two were from Oxford and Harvard Universities.

Accordingly, Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci are cordially invited to attend our debate this coming Tuesday, November 15, at 6:30 pm ET. Professor Jay Battacharya will take the Soho Forum stage to defend the resolution: Focused protection, as set forth in the Great Barrington Declaration, should be the general principle of public health management of highly infectious respiratory virus pandemics.