“Critical Race Theory: What It Is And What It Is Not”

Aaron Sibarium:

There do not appear to be any dissenting voices on the panel. All three scholars—Devon W. Carbado of UCLA School of Law, Osamudia James of UNC School of Law, and Angela Onwuachi-Willig, the dean of Boston University School of Law—are outspoken proponents of critical race theory, which claims, among other things, that ostensibly neutral laws perpetuate white supremacy.

The panel demonstrates how a fringe critique of the American justice system has become conventional wisdom for many within it. Derrick Bell, widely considered the godfather of critical race theory, wrote in 1992 that “a perilously racist America” would never accept such a radical challenge to the status quo. In the three decades since, critical race theory went from baroque elective to required coursework at many law schools, which must now educate students “on bias, cross-cultural competency, and racism” under rules from the American Bar Association.