European Government views on the use of Google Analytics

The Danish Data Protection Agency

rganisations in Denmark that use Google Analytics must therefore assess whether their possible continued use of the tool takes place in compliance with data protection law. If this is not the case, the organisation must either bring its use of the tool into compliance, or, if necessary, discontinue using the tool.

A very important task for the Danish Data Protection Agency is to give guidance to citizens about their rights and to give guidance to Danish organisations in how they comply with data protection law. As is the case with data protection law, we at the Danish Data Protection Agency are neutral to technology, and therefore have no interest in either approving or banning certain products. We are not at all empowered to do so,” added Makar Juhl Holst and continued:

“Following the decisions of our European colleagues, however, we have experienced a great demand for guidance in relation to specifically Google Analytics, and we have therefore made an effort to look into this specific tool more closely.”