Taxpayer funded k-12 school funding changes in California

Lasherica Thornton:

If approved, Black students would get the funding starting the 2023-24 school year for being the lowest performing in English and math. Black students would continue to benefit from the funding until they reach the threshold of the highest performing student group. But if during that time, another student group slips to the bottom, that student group would also be eligible for the new funding. But that’s unlikely, Fortune said, as the achievement gap for Black students is likely to take years to correct. “Black students have been the lowest performing subgroup in this accountability system and in the previous accountability system,” Fortune said. “It takes a lot of effort to inch up.” With 67% of Black students not on reading level, that percentage would have to increase by at least 7.6% to close the achievement gap between Black and Hispanic students; by 32.2% to close the gap between Black and white students; and by 43.95% to meet the scores of Asian-American students, the highest-performing group. For math, the percentages are even higher.

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