Notes on family politics and the (latest) California indoor mask mandate

KJ Hiramoto:

According to Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor of conservative news site, a study showing that masking and other mitigation efforts in Los Angeles County schools were “highly effective” in slowing the spread of COVID-19 was written by Barnes and four other authors, but Barnes’ relationship with her mother was never disclosed – even though Ferrer was listed in the acknowledgments section of the study.

Van Laar also questioned Barnes’ credibility in the study, citing that she does not have a scientific background “or a Ph.D. in any field.” 

Van Laar’s report comes just days before Los Angeles County is on the verge of becoming the only California County to reinstate its indoor mask mandate. If LA County remains in the “high” transmission category, the universal indoor mask mandate could return as early as July 29.

If the indoor mask mandate returns to LA County, Ferrer would be the only county health director in the state to reinstate the requirement.