Civics: “It is as anti-first amendment as it can get”

The spear of lugh:

Articulating ideas and reality has always been complex but at least words and swords were geographically in the same place. The striking example is how french “départements” (administrative subdivision of French state) were defined under Napoleon’s ruling: it is the set of places that can be reached from the “chef-lieu” (main city) with less than 1 day by horse ride. Now that a tweet can be read instantaneously at the other part of the globe, we see that the “horse ride” condition makes little sense. Now a new question arises: how do you enforce a smart contract (very much an idea) in Kabul when it is overrun by Talibans?

There is an inherent elegance in the “freedom convoys” (in Canada, the US, France etc.) we are experiencing now. This movement unmasks the power that be in an unstoppable way. This movement forces politicians to denounce out loud their own previous decisions. Irony is not lost on anyone when hearing Canada’s premier Trudeau explaining that hindering freedom of movement is detrimental to everyone. No kidding sunshine! Doesn’t it remind you something? Even more ironic were the effort of various police forces to block convoys to avoid the convoys to block. You see there is blocking and blocking. There are good and bad blockers you know…