Charter school climate: “It doesn’t even mention that there is a dissent”

Pettier vs Charter Day School:

The majority misses the whole purpose of the development of charter schools…. It is essentially dismissive of what charter schools might have to contribute, prejudging them as miscreants that must be brought to heel…. 

The very idea of a different model of schooling has drawn the ire of the public education establishment. As this case shows, any challenge to prevailing educational convention is met by circling the wagons…. 

Student dress codes in particular are unsettling to those who believe, as plaintiffs do here, that they connote feminine inferiority. See Majority Op. at 28. The codes are founded upon ideals of “chivalry,” a word which to the majority suggests male condescension toward women and the need of women for male protection, which in turn robs women of their dignity and independence. Id. at 28–29.

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