Ongoing lawfare in Oberlin College’s Loss in the Gibson Bakery Matter

William Jacobson:

As of this writing the court’s electronic docket does not reflect any amicus briefs filed in support of the Gibsons. Oberlin College will have a chance to respond as to the cross-appeal request for jurisdiction.

You may be wondering about the status of the Gibsons’ attempt to collect on the surety bond posted by the college to prevent execution (i.e., collection efforts) on the judgment, which we detailed in Oops – Gibson’s Bakery Seeks To Execute On $36 Million Appeal Bond Since Oberlin College Failed To Obtain Stay Of Appeals Court Mandate. As of this writing, the only filings I see in the trial court docket are an entry of appearance for the surety company and a motion for additional time to respond.

We will, of course, continue to follow the appeal and the surety bond collection effort.