Carnegie Mellon’s Tuition and Spending Increases

Alexa Schwerha:

Carnegie Mellon University will issue a one-time payment to select employees meant to alleviate the impact of inflation at the same time it is increasing undergraduate tuition by 4% to $59,864.

A singular $1,500 payment will be delivered by the end of the month to select employees to provide relief for the increased cost of food, gas, energy, and transportation.

“The goal is to assist employees in addressing the impacts of inflation that have been so prevalent over the past several months,” University President Farnam Jahanian stated in a staff-wide message on Tuesday.

Simultaneously, the university estimates that first-year students will have to pay $76,660 for the 2022-2023 academic year. That number includes rates for a “standard double room” and a “traditional first-year meal plan.”

Faculty and staff hired prior to July 1, including temporary staff, will be eligible to receive the payment. However, the website lists a slew of staffers who are ineligible to receive relief: union members, interns, and part-time adjuncts.

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