Most childless cities: Madison is in the mix

Susie Nielson

The overall number of San Franciscans under 18 actually grew by about 5,700 people since the last census count in 2010. But the adult population grew faster — hence the decrease in the proportion of kids. Whereas the city’s adult population grew by 9%, the number of youths grew by just 5.3%. Overall, the city’s population grew by about 8.5% from 2010 to 2020.

San Francisco’s drop in percentage youth population was actually less extreme than the rest of the Bay Area. All nine counties in the region saw a drop in youths as a share of population, and many counties saw these drops after decades of stability or growth.

Napa County saw the biggest decrease since 2010, from just over 23% to 20%. Contra Costa, which has the greatest share of youths of any Bay Area county as of 2020, dropped over two percentage points from nearly 25% to under 23%.

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