Meet the mild, gentle kindergarten teacher who tackled an intruder at her elementary school

Brad Schmitt:

“I need to get inside! I need to get inside!” he shouted.

Davis, terrified, planted her 5-foot-5, 130-pound body in front of the door, saying loudly, “No sir! You cannot come through this door. I need you to leave the playground.”

Davis paused in telling the story, looked down and said softly, “I can feel my heart pounding again.”

‘The fun of art is creating it’

Davis wanted to be an elementary school teacher for as long as she can remember, probably because she loved her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Drinkwine, who always made school fun.

As a girl growing up in Charlotte Park in West Nashville, she made little notebooks out of paper for her dolls. Then Davis sat them in rows and began her lessons, she said.

A few years later, Davis tried holding class for her two younger siblings, reading stories to them. But her brother, Daniel, and sister, Crystal, didn’t pay attention as well as her dolls did.