Europe’s Multicultural Volcano

Giulio Meotti:

“If Europe does not regain control, Islamized mini-states could soon appear”. The prediction comes from the Russian political scientist Sergei Markov. In an interviewpublished by, Markov notes that European institutions are adapting to the Islamic way of life, values ​​and traditions (the recent campaigns of the Council of Europe in favor of the Muslim veil is an example), and adds:

“Fully Islamized Islamic enclaves, mini-states and neighborhoods in large European cities will begin to appear. Yes, they will always be a minority. But they are more united and threaten violence. And the state will have to obey their instructions”.

Europe should pay attention to what Markov says. It is not even a warning. It is already here. In 2021, 35,000 migrants landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa — five times the number of inhabitants on the island (6,500), according to InfoMigrants. Imagine if the same demographic process took place in a city — and then more cities.

The most complete picture of Europe’s so-called “no-go zones” was created by the Migration Research Institute of Budapest, linked to the prestigious Mattias Corvinus College, which reported that in Europe there are more than 900 areas of this type.

Many of the migrants already live on the generosity of European welfare, even as the police, social workers and ambulances do not enter these areas or must be protected when they do. Gangs and organized crime dominate the street, high birth rates guarantee demographic expansion and Islamic sharia law is de facto respected by the inhabitants; butchers are only halal, “mixed” hairdressers disappear, Islamic bookshops proliferate, Jews leave, churches are often converted to mosques and women are pressured to comply with sharia law.

“We in the West are used to seeing women everywhere around us,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes in her new book, Prey, before describing that in certain parts of Brussels, London, Paris and Stockholm, “you suddenly notice that only men are visible,” as women “erase themselves” from public spaces.