How to easily read 50+ books a year: 10 tips to read more

David Ramos:

Tip #1: Quit bad books

Life is too short to read a bad book. — James Joyce

Nothing stops a reading habit in its tracks like a bad book. 

A book can be bad for a few reasons. Sometimes they’re poorly written, or not well-organized. Other times, the book just doesn’t interest you. 

Thinking a book is bad doesn’t mean you’re judgemental or a bad reader. There are, quite literally, dozens of great books I can’t stand reading. I’ve easily quit more than a hundred books over the last few years for exactly the reasons listed above because moving on means I get a new opportunity to find something I love.

If you’re a few pages or chapters in and realize it isn’t for you, it’s okay to put the book down and find what’s next.

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