Are Chicago Students Suffering With or From Teachers Unions?

James Freeman:

Chicago Public Schools canceled classes Wednesday after the teachers union voted late Tuesday to stop providing in-person instruction, citing the latest surge in Covid-19 that has sent cases to record levels in the city.

City leaders called the vote by the Chicago Teachers Union an illegal job action and said teachers who didn’t report to work wouldn’t receive pay. The administration promised to provide parents with a plan later Wednesday for how it would resume operations in the face of the walkout.
Union officials said Wednesday that they were sticking with their demands to stay out of schools to protect members, students and families from the virus but planned to meet with city leaders in the afternoon to continue trying to hammer out an agreement to resume instruction…

The union said in a tweet that 73% of its 25,000 members had voted to resume remote learning.’
Well, here’s to the 27% of union members who voted to put the educational needs of students first and to follow the science. Mr. Barrett reports:

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