San Francisco Teacher Walkout

Joe Kukura:

Hundreds of teachers have signed an online petition saying they won’t work Thursday because of SFUSD’s alleged COVID safety failings, but can you really have a sickout when more than 10% of the staff is already legitimately out sick?

We had heard rumblings early on Wednesday that there was some sort of San Francisco teacher labor action brewing, as Bay City News reportedUnited Educators of San Francisco (UESF) was “holding a briefing at noon Wednesday to discuss the issues related to the COVID surge.” It may or may not be that particular labor action, but the Chronicle is reporting that SFUSD teachers are planning a mass “sickout” for Thursday, January 6, to protest the lack of available testing and precautions they see as inadequate.

The paper notes that the sickout is “not organized by the teachers’ union.”

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