Notes on the taxpayer supported Madison School District Administration’s recent Police interactions

David Blaska:

We can draw no conclusion other than that the school district’s head of security sandbagged police in furtherance of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. MMSD describes Aguglia as “committed to teaching and coaching educators in evidence-based critical response with alternative forms of mental health support as a tool to reduce violence in school buildings, promote mental health support as a first response, and minimize reactionary and exclusionary practices, specifically resulting in disproportionate rates of students of color in behavioral referral data and the justice system.”

•   Our question to school board president Ali Muldrow: you’ve already expelled police from school grounds, is Aguglia keeping East high students safe? After all, one-third of the student body sheltered at home after one incident rather than risk further violence.

• Our question to District Attorney Ismael Ozanne: will you charge Aguglia with obstruction of justice?