Why Academia Is Doomed

Tom Knighton:

Employees at a university are being pressured to sign a letter in support of two students who made asses of themselves and tried to kick two other students out of a space because they held the wrong views.

They’re not really even trying to hide it, either. The letter notes that the two white students had “symbols” that included things like “Police Lives Matter sticker, a Chik-fil-A cup, and a shirt with the slogan ‘Did not vote for Biden’” and were supposedly linked to systemic racism.

Which is really just a way to claim the two black female students were justified without opening yourself up to libel lawsuits should the two white male students find out about it.

I don’t think it’ll work.

But things like Police Lives Matter stickers and Chic-fil-A cups and shirts with slogans that show a lack of support for Biden aren’t racist. If they’re anything, they’re indicative of a conservative worldview, which is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment.