Nowhere else on the planet has such a long lockdown had to be endured:

Bill Muehlenberg:

Never forget September 23, 2021. On this day a world record was broken. Metropolitan Melbourne has now been in lockdown for a total of 235 days – eight whole months! And along with this broken record we have broken the state, the nation, people, economies, livelihoods, small businesses, the rule of law, basic human rights, and most civil liberties.

And sadly, I have had to live through it all – along with over 5 million other enslaved people. Consider how the records have tumbled:
-Folks in the Czech Republic had spent 201 days in lockdown.
-Citizens of London had spent 207 days in total being locked down.
-The poor sods in Buenos Aires were locked down for 234 days.

But while they are now all free, or at least far more free than some of us, we who have had the extreme misfortune of living in the Melbourne metropolitan region have just marked this mind-numbing and soul-destroying milestone. No other jurisdiction on the planet has been under such hardcore and interminable lockdown.