Notes on School Board Governance

Edmund DeMarche:

Heated school board meetings on topics that include critical race theory have prompted some school board members to look for the exit due to the clashes that some say lead to threats and harassment, according to a report.

Critical race theory has been the center of debate in D.C. and local school districts. It is seen as a way of considering America’s history through the lens of racism. The theory has been discussed at various meetings across the country and have often led to tense exchanges.

“I find critical race theory to be just an absolutely disgustingly racist ideology that has been developed with the intention of really driving a wedge between various groups in America, various ethnic groups, and to use that to absolutely ruin our nation,” Paso Robles, Calif., school board president Chris Arend told Fox News earlier this month after his board blocked it from being taught in classrooms. “Very simple.”

The Associated Press reported that there has been agrowing number of school board members who are “resigning or questioning their willingness to serve as meetings have devolved into shouting contests” focused on critical race theory, masks inside schools and other politically charged topics.