A principal, racial attacks and calls for firing

Elizabeth Campbell:

The principal at Colleyville Heritage High School posted on social media that he is breaking his silence about racial attacks against him after he was publicly accused at a recent school board meeting of teaching critical race theory by a former school board candidate who called for his firing. 

James Whitfield, who was named Colleyville Heritage High School’s first African-American principal in 2020, posted that during the July 26 board meeting, he was publicly named and accused of teaching critical race theory by a member of the public. He said he does not teach critical race theory and that being publicly named at a board meeting goes against district rules. 

Whitfield said in an interview Tuesday night that he decided to write his Facebook post after the board meeting when Stetson Clark, a former school board candidate who spoke at the meeting, referred to him by name, which is against district rules.
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