Paid to Protest: Urban Triage Gets $1.7 Million Payday From Dane County

Maciver News:

There was no discussion on Thursday night, when the Dane County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to award Urban Triage a $12.4 million contract to administer the county’s ARPA rent assistance program.

The decision sailed through the approval process, first being introduced on June 25th and officially approved on July 22. There’s no indication from the board’s records that any other vendors were considered.

Urban Triage will get to keep $1.7 million of the award for administrative costs, which it hopes to minimize. It is currently trying to recruit volunteers to process the rental assistance applications for free using their own computers. Urban Triage is only planning to offer 12 hours a week for walk-in appointments, and additional 3 hours on Friday for virtual appointments.

It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, Urban Triage was leading the charge to terrorize downtown Madison for the cause of racial justice.

Urban Triage is a radical, political activist organization dedicated to race-struggle. The founder and CEO, Brandi Grayson, calls the USA the world’s first “white supremacy state.” She believes there’s no difference between capitalism and white supremacy.

Ultimately, Grayson says, “We have to dismantle any and all systems that are rooted in the military conquest that created what we know as America.”