Read and think for yourself. Don’t let others think for you.


If you are capable of anything else than being at the orders of someone, you’re on the side of the people who believe that the world is not divided between masters and slaves.

As a person with intelligence who thinks by himself, without taking ideas from others and submits to some as a servant; you now have the opportunity to show that you can be your own owner, that what you say “matters” and people are listening to what you have to say.

The country you live in, is not “THEIRS” it’s “YOUR” country, your community, the location upon which you live your life. Why shouldn’t life be just joy? Democracy in its essence is based on the rule of the people (Demos = “people” / Kratos = “rule) “the RULE of the PEOPLE”. Our current Democracy uses the Inversion Mental Model (IMM) where instead of being the rule of the people, it’s the rule of the elite. Exactly how the Department of Defense (DOD) using IMM becomes the Department of Attack, a description which makes more sense as if you haven’t yet noticed the DOD is actually always Attacking.

The power of the people is formed by you, me, and everybody else with whom we live together, although we let ourselves be ruled and abused by opportunists: people interested only towards their own interests, not in any case of you nor your life or mine. You can observe these facts by yourself, I’m just the one confirming what you’ve already realized and known since you have started thinking by yourself.