University of Toledo law professor faces backlash for inclusivity award

Sophia Perricone:

University of Toledo students are speaking out after the Office of Diversity awarded law professor Lee Strang the 2021 Inclusive Excellence Award.

A current law student who asked to remain anonymous said in his opinion, Strang is not the clear winner.

“His views are not exactly in tune with, I guess you can say, modern diversity and views most professors would hold,” the student said.

And he isn’t alone. Students and alumni on Facebook pointed to an opinion piece written by Strang while at Harvard University in 2003.

In the article, he called homosexuality harmful, writing that “a corrupt society that does not seek to prevent homosexual activity makes it more difficult for us to properly raise our children.”

In a recent statement shared with law students, Strang said he regrets writing portions of past columns and that he wouldn’t make “arguments using this kind of language today.”