Thinking Different: SerenA Williams Fund Invests in Fiveable

Sarah Hauer:

Serena Williams’ venture capital firm has invested in Milwaukee education technology startup Fiveable.

Fiveable announced that the tennis star’s investment fund was backing the company in a news release. The education streaming startup has seen huge increases in traffic since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What impresses us most about Fiveable is how well they understand and are immersed in today’s students; that’s what initially piqued our interest. The way they’ve brought students in to help guide their roadmap is unlike anything I’ve seen,” said Serena Williams, founder of Serena Ventures, in a statement.

“Based on their growth in users and engagement, it’s evident that their social learning community has cracked the code on peer-to-peer learning.”

Fiveable’s online education platform focuses on Advanced Placement courses with most content available for free. The company has study guides for every unit in all 38 AP subjects, hosts a Discord server for students to study and livestream cram sessions. More than half a million students have used Fiveable in the last 30 days, according to the company.