Author claims ‘woke culture infecting our schools’ amid dad’s viral letter

Yaron Steinbuch:

A biotech entrepreneur assailed a growing “wokeness” that he said is “infecting schools,” after a dad decided not to re-enroll his daughter in an elite Manhattan prep school due to its focus on race.

Vivek Ramaswamy, 35, founder and executive chairman of Roivant Sciences and author of “Woke Inc.,” launched into a tirade on “Fox News Sunday” following Andrew Gutmann’s scathing letter in which he blasted the posh, all-girls Brearley School.

Gutmann, who accused Brearley of trying to “brainwash” kids with woke philosophies rather than teaching them how to think on their own, attacked the school’s “cowardly and appalling lack of leadership [for] appeasing an anti-intellectual, illiberal mob.”

In his missive to 650 families, the incensed dad compared the growing “woke” culture to the Communist Chinese Cultural Revolution.