Bills: Open schools or give the money to parents

Joanne Jacobs:

If a district offers only remote classes, parents could use public-school funds to move their children to a school of their choice, according to legislation introduced in Maryland, Illinois, Utah and Georgia, reports Patrick Hauf of Capitol News Service.

“Private schools have been fighting to reopen, but so many teachers unions have been fighting to remain closed,” said Corey DeAngelis, director of school choice at the Reason Foundation. “One of these sectors gets your money regardless of how well they meet the needs of their customers, and in this case, regardless of whether they even open their doors for business.”

Will any of these bills pass? “Red” states, where these bill have the best odds of passage, also are the ones where schools are most likely to be teaching students in person. “Blue” cities are trying to reopen their schools, though not necessarily for full-time, in-person learning.