Why isn’t finance a part of the core curriculum at schools?

JacK TrocinskI:

I think that in today’s world financial literacy is more important than ever to financial success in life and yet it seems like many kids graduating high school are financially illiterate. In my opinion everyone should a fundamental understanding of how a savings account, CD account, IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) and MSA account work. Likewise, everyone should have a fundamental understanding of the equity markets, derivatives markets, futures markets, bond and treasury markets along with an understanding of how interest rates work and their effects on financial instruments like mortgages. Kids should be taught about the various forms of business structures available to them from starting a simple DBA to the numerous flavors of corporations out there. All this can be taught without giving financial advice, which may be more in the domain of parents, but by focusing on the theoretical and historical aspects of financial instruments so that kids have a better understanding of how they work and are better prepared for life in gen