Richard Carranza’s grading policy aims to bar failing marks: NYC DOE memo By

Susan Edelman:

Chancellor Richard Carranza’s highly anticipated new grading policy for this school year will again ban failing marks, according to an internal memo obtained by The Post, riling educators and parents.

The city Department of Education document, titled “Grading Policy 2020-2021,” says schools should use the same softer “considerations” adopted last May during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Among the main guidelines:

• “Continue to use ‘course in progress’ in place of failing grades.”

• “Permit students in high school an additional semester to complete coursework and meet the learning outcomes for their courses.”

Under the DOE policy adopted in May, schools had to drop numeric grades. Instead, it directed the use of “meets standards,” “needs improvement,” or “course in progress” for marking periods as well as end-of-year grades.

The new policy will allow elementary and middle schools to give numeric grades — but not to fail students, the document states.