Civics: Reddit Censors AMA of William Binney, former NSA Technical Director and Whistleblower. There was no “Russian hack” of the DNC in 2016 and I have proof.


Reddit is a Democrat/Chinese Tencent organization with a political agenda. This sub and r/conspiracy and maybe a couple others seem to the only places where at least some discussion is still tolerated.

William Binney was formerly the NSA’s technical director for world geopolitical and military analysis and designer of many agency programs now in use. He has been outspoken that the DNC emails were not hacked by Russia.

Here are some related articles & info if you want to look more into what Bill Binney is saying. The censorship is bad enough though.

(Aug 9, 2017) This was the original big story when it first came out

(May 12, 2020) Jimmy Dore interview w/ Aaron Mate; Crowdstrike has no evidence