Kindle Collects a Surprisingly Large Amount of Data

Charlie Belmer:

As an avid reader, I’ve owned several generations of Kindle devices, from the original to the Paperwhite, and loved each of them.

However, I have also kept a watchful eye on the abuse potential of the new format. Because Amazon technically owns the content you view, they may revoke it at any time. There have been cases of Amazon removing specific books from customer accounts (and kindles). Considerably worse, there are also cases of Amazon revoking user accounts and removing all access to purchased books.

Kindle services leverage reading data to offer some nice features that traditional books can’t offer: maintaining bookmarks and notes between devices, keeping all devices synced with the last read page, and more. It also shows ads and recommendations for next books to read on the kindle.

I was curious to know if the Kindle was only sending the data required for these services, or if other data about me was being sent.