Ivy League Professor Says Intimidation Campaigns Gaining Ground On Campus

Chrissy Clark:

Cornell University law professor William Jacobson thought he had grown callous to petitions for his ouster. Activists—including students, faculty, and alumni—have called for his firing on numerous occasions since he launched the popular conservative website Legal Insurrection in 2008, but the campaign against him has taken personal attacks to new levels in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody.

“On [the Black Lives Matter] issue, you cannot deviate one iota or they will try to get you kicked out of the school, they will falsely accuse you of being racist, they will do a ‘name and shame’ campaign against you,” Jacobson told the Washington Free Beacon. “It’s been a problem for multiple decades in academia.”

BLM supporters, in a coordinated effort with the Black Law Student Association, Cornell alumni, and law school faculty, are calling on the school to sack Jacobson for publicly critiquing BLM’s ideology. An alumni petition began on June 11 calling on the university to “take immediate action” to drive him out. The professor said his accusers are disingenuously attacking his character to force the school’s hand.