Kettle Moraine School District furloughs 50 employees, the majority being custodians and food service employees

Alec Johnson:

It won’t know the total impact until the district’s fiscal year is complete.

“With the closing of school buildings and grounds extended to June 30, KM has

re-evaluated the role of various employee groups,” Deklotz said in the news release. “We simply do not have the normal work responsibilities as when people are using the buildings or serving meals to the full student population. This action is not a reflection on the valuable role our furloughed employees play, but a reality of the lack of work, and the need for the district to remain fiscally responsible.”

The district said its schools will likely face additional hardships because of the coronavirus.

The district said it expects school district budgets statewide to be impacted.

“Through these uncertain times, Kettle Moraine remains steadfast in its commitment to educate, serve and support students and their families,” Deklotz said. “Our mission and goals to provide educational excellence continues. We will get through this challenging time together as a community.”