John Cochrane:

I’m working on an economic view of political polarization. One aspect of that project is the extent to which many institutions in our society have become politicized. Today’s post is one little data point in that larger story. It tells a little story of how to politicize an institution and silence dissenters.

Jerry Coyne reports on the “diversity equity and inclusion statement” required of anyone hired by the University of California, or desiring a raise or promotion. This is a required statement each candidate must write “Demonstrating Interest in and Ability to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” It’s not about whether you are “diverse,” meaning belonging to a racial, gender, or sexual-preference group the University wishes to hire. It is a statement, as it says, of your active participation in a  political movement.

Jerry’s news in this post is that the statements are now being scored numerically, and only the files of those scoring high enough are passed on for scholarly review. Jerry previously posted  here on the case of Abigail Thompson, professor of mathematics at UC Davis, who dared to question diversity statements in a letter to the American Mathematical Society, pointing out that they are political tests

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