Cryptic, allusive messages from Hong Kong’s wealthiest tycoon

Victor Maier:

People have been wondering when Hong Kong’s magnates would speak out on the prolonged protests in their city. Finally one has. That’s Li Ka-shing, the richest of them all: “HK Billionaire Li Ka-Shing Breaks Silence Over Protests” (8/15/19 newscast on YouTube). He took out full page advertisements (both seem to be on the front page) in two of Hong Kong’s most influential financial newspapers: Hong Kong Economic Times and Hong Kong Economic Journal. Here’s the first:

It looks straightforward, simple, and heartfelt, with that big crossed-out “bàolì 暴力” (“[NO] violence”) in the center of a big, red circle. Here’s the rest of the entire text, which looks innocent and innocuous enough, especially with the striking repetition of “ài 愛” (“love”):