The NJ DOE Blocked My Blog on Its Web Server So I Filed an Open Public Records Request.

Laura Waters:

About two weeks ago I was informed by some of my sources at the New Jersey Department of Education that this blog had been blocked on the DOE server and that staff members could no longer reach my site. Of course that doesn’t stop anyone from reading my posts during work hours: The DOE can’t block their personal mobile phones. And of course the DOE has the right to block sites.

And yet I can’t help but feel that the “transparency” that Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet is so fond of mentioning is missing from the DOE’s decision to disallow staff from accessing commentary that is sometimes disparaging of the Department’s operations, goals, processes, and treatment of staff.

Anyway, I decided to file an Open Public Records request with the DOE for all internal emails and/or communications that mention NJ Left Behind. I wanted to get some information about who decided that staff members didn’t have the right, during their lunch time or breaks, to read whatever they damn well wanted to.