Thousands of Bay Area families homeschool their kids


There is a growing trend of parents pulling their kids out of traditional classrooms and opting to homeschool.

With so many established resources available across Tampa Bay, parents are finding it easier and more convenient to educate their kids at home.

“I could be out of my house everyday doing things – field trips, hiking, hands on labs at the Florida Aquariums,” said Denise Mestanza-Taylor, who is now homeschooling her son.

Denise pulled her son out of traditional school when he started falling behind academically because of learning disabilities like dyslexia.

“It’s crazy how much you can do that you can’t do when you’re constrained to a classroom -especially with a dyslexic student who need that hands-on learning, and need that real-world experience because they can’t learn in a a traditional setting,” she said.

Mestanza-Taylor’s son is now excelling academically and socially. “He has made amazing growth,” she said.