4.25.2019 Madison Educational Partnership Symposium

Madison Education Partnership:

At this interactive and informative event, MMSD partners and leading researchers from UW-Madison will address pressing research questions as well as engage with attendees to dive deeper into the practice and policy implications of MEP research.

MMSD speakers include Ricardo Jara, Beth Vaade, and Culleen Witthuhn.

UW-Madison speakers Katie Eklund, Beth Graue, Eric Grodsky, Katie Ostrander, and Bob Mathieu.

Together we will explore recent research around early learning and student attendance. While 4K is a strong program, MEP research indicates ways the program can be further strengthened to more powerfully equip students, advance equity, and ease transitions to kindergarten. Likewise, while school attendance matters, MEP research shows that it matters in ways we don’t necessarily expect. What do MEP’s nuanced findings suggest about attendance policy and student tracking?

Attend and add your ideas to the policy/practice mix.