Men as Campus Minorities

George Korda:

Why men are opting out of college

The latter subject is meaningful in terms of what some professionals see as a salient reason for the decline of males in the college ranks. An Aug. 8, 2017, article in The Atlantic, headlined, “Why men are the new college minority,” explored a variety of racial, economic, and societal reasons men are opting out of college.

Jim Shelley, Men’s Resource Manager at Lakeland Community College in Ohio, weighed in on the men-as-predators issue. “Through 21 years running one of the few campus support centers exclusively for men I’ve thought it can only get better. But it just has gone nowhere. Not only are there not programs like ours that are supportive of male students, but at most college campuses the attitude is that men are the problem. … I’ve had male students tell me that their first week in college they were made to feel like potential rapists.”