Chinese History: A New Manual


We are truly honored to announce the release of our first ever paid e-book that’s not a dictionary, “Chinese History: A New Manual” 5th Edition by Endymion Wilkinson. It’s available right now to purchase for US$29.99 via the in-app “Add-ons” screen on our iOS and Android apps – you can also download a free demo version with the first chapter from there – and can also be bought directly from our online store.

Product Description

“The most valuable English-language reference book on China anywhere” (Professor Richard Smith, Rice University).

This massive work (at 1.6 million words the length of 12 monographs), won the Prix Stanislas Julien in 2014 and in 2016, Peking University Press published it in a three-volume Chinese language edition.

The manual provides the answers to all sorts of questions and problems in Chinese civilization and history from prehistory to recent times. Along the way it curates some 12,000 primary and secondary sources and also introduces the ancillary disciplines that Chinese historians require from archeology to translation strategies, from astronomy and astrology to numismatics, from historical linguistics to the latest techniques of learning the characters. The text is often witty and enlivened with more than 300 sidebars and tables covering topics from “The size of steppe armies” and “The speed of Chinese armies” to “Tomes in tombs” and “For whom the bell tolls.”