CS + X adds new music and crop science degrees for fall semester

Andrea Flores:

Two new CS + X majors, CS+ Music and CS + Crop Sciences, will be made available to students through the University’s School of Music and the College of ACES Department of Crop Sciences.

Students can start enrolling in fall 2018.

“CS + X opens up new possibilities in education, research, science, technology, industry and entrepreneurship; the potential discovery of new connections between CS and other disciplines; and the benefits of data management and analysis applied in new ways to new fields,” said Colin Robertson, assistant director of communications for the Department of Computer Science, in an email.

These two new majors are not the first of their kind. Four CS + X degrees exist in the college of LAS, including CS + Anthropology, CS + Astronomy, CS + Chemistry and CS + Linguistics.

Robertson said computer science is critically important to a growing number of disciplines.