Civics: 34 Baltimore cases dismissed after video appears to show officer planting drugs

Justin Carissimo:

Thirty-four criminal cases will be thrown out as authorities investigate three Baltimore police officers accused of planting evidence at crime scenes, officials announced Friday night.

Approximately 123 cases are under review after body camera footage appeared to show an officer planting illicit drugs at a crime scene in January, said Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s state’s attorney.

Mosby said her office has dismissed or will dismiss cases that soley relied on the officers’ credibility. “Where these officers are material and necessary witnesses, we are dismissing those cases, which rely exclusively on the credibility of these officers,” she said.

Seventy-seven cases are still under review, while 12 other cases are moving forward, Mosby said.

“As I have stated before, it is incumbent upon us as prosecutors to be the ministers of justice and to do what’s right in the pursuit of justice, over convictions, while simultaneously prioritizing public safety,” she said.