Mind the Gap: The State of Skills in the U.S.

Rachel Stephens:

Third Way conducted an original, multi-dimensional analysis of skill gaps across the country using five kinds of data to identify patterns in industry labor markets.
The health care sector stands out as having the most dire skills shortages nationwide, and they’ll only get worse as our population continues to age.
Education and tech-related jobs are also facing serious skilled labor shortages across the country.
Manufacturing labor shortages are not quite as bad as some say, but the shortage will worsen before it improves due to a pending wave of Baby Boomer retirements.
Other shortages, such as those in construction or transportation jobs, vary by region and will also change with retirements.
Many jobs with these shortages are middle-skill jobs that don’t necessarily require a college degree but do require training and a credential. Stigma, poor delivery of information to students, and an education finance system focused on four-year degrees push too many people away from these jobs.