Governance: Inspector general for Chicago school board says CPS auditor is interfering

Juan Perez:

A “parallel investigation” of that case by CPS’ Office of Internal Audit and Compliance last year “compromised a criminal investigation by prematurely alerting a main subject, and sowing fear and confusion in the minds of key witnesses,” Schuler said in his report, which was sent to Claypool and the school board.

Auditors also contacted Cook County prosecutors in an effort to inject their department into the inspector general’s fare card investigation, Schuler’s office said. He said “very troubling issues remain” with other investigations being undertaken by the auditor’s office.

Schuler’s report, obtained by the Tribune, outlines a dispute between his Office of the Inspector General and Claypool’s administration, which was installed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the wake of a scandal that led to the ouster of CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett prior to her conviction on federal corruption charges. As part of the Board of Education’s role to advise and oversee the district, Schuler’s office worked with federal authorities on the case against Byrd-Bennett.

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The district’s internal audit team is led by Andrell Holloway, who previously worked with Claypool in a similar role at the CTA. The unit has received significant funding increases since Claypool took office.

Via a kind reader, who wonders if Madison might benefit from substantive oversight!