Madison Teachers, Inc. Dues, Taxes and Recent Newsletters; Matthews Reflects on Service to MTI

Madison Teachers, Inc. Newsletter (PDF) 1.25.2016 Newsletter:

MTI – Teachers who worked full-time in the Madison Metropolitan School District for the entire calendar year in 2015 (January through December) paid dues/fair share in the amount of $1,042.10. Of that amount, $260 was for WEAC, $183.60 for NEA, $570.00 for MTI, and $28.50 for MTI VOTERS (MTI’s political action committee). Because of wide variances, teachers employed under part-time contracts should check their last payroll check stub in 2015 for the correct amount to use in calculating their taxes.

Madison Teachers, Inc. Newsletter (PDF) 2.1.2016 Newsletter where John Matthews Reflects on 48 years::

Thanks for the opportunity. Many have asked why in the world one would stay in a job for 48 years. My answer is quite simple. My work for MTI was a labor of love, it was working with MTI members – virtually 24/7. It was working for a great group of people in search of social justice. MTI members standing in solidarity and moving forward – willing to take risks when necessary in the mutual interest of all. My days were filled working with individuals who were in search of solutions to work, family, and personal issues – and my effort helped produce solutions and advance rights. Those solutions made careers more enjoyable, more productive, and made member’s personal life, family life and work life better.

MTI has grown into a fantastic union. It is a member-driven union that is among the best in the United States. Whether negotiating to provide better working and living conditions, or engaging in social or political action in search of change which enabled improvements in education or society in general, MTI has been at forefront of such causes. So, in the scheme of things, my 48 year career went by like the blink of an eye.

I can’t imagine working anywhere else where my career could have been more productive, more enjoyable, or more satisfying.

My thanks to each and every MTI member 1968-2016. MTI has a great staff and it will continue moving forward in service to its members.

Keillor Takes the Reins

With John Matthews retiring from MTI, the Cabinet on Personnel, which is made up of the leadership of all five MTI bargaining units, has tapped Doug Keillor to succeed Matthews. Keillor has worked with Matthews for the past 25 years, and is well-known by MTI members. He has worked with Matthews in member service and in negotiations. In recommending that Keillor replace him, Matthews told the Cabinet on Personnel that Keillor has the skill, knowledge, and philosophy to continue the Union’s excellent service to MTI members.

Keillor is eager to continue his work for MTI in his new capacity, working with MTI staff, elected leaders and membership to carry the Union forward.

Madison Teachers, Inc. Newsletter (PDF) 2.8.2016 Newsletter on Seniority:

Rights granted to an employee by the Union’s Contract are among the most important conditions of one’s employment. Those represented by MTI, in each of MTI’s five bargaining units, have a limited number of important SENIORITY protections in critical areas. Contrary to popular opinion, seniority has little relevance in issues such as voluntary transfer where the Union Contract allows the employer to select the most qualified candidate for any vacancy. However, when determining who should be declared “surplus” (above staff requirements in a school or department) or who should be subject to “layoff” (above staff requirements in the District), SENIORITY is the objective factor that limits and controls management’s subjective actions. Because of SENIORITY rights provided by the Union’s Contract, for example, the employer cannot layoff the more senior employee simply because she/he is paid more or may be outspoken.

Madison Teachers, Inc. Newsletter (PDF) 2.15.2016

Workers’ Compensation is a statutory benefit intended to provide compensation for workers who suffer a work-related injury or illness. However, the process does not always work as intended and claims are often delayed and/or denied. Fortunately in such instances, MTI-represented employees can turn to their Union for assistance.

Slips, trips and falls are the some of the most common causes of work-related injuries to District employees. If an employee is injured at work, they need to complete an Injury Report form as soon as possible and, if necessary, visit a doctor to determine what, if any, work restrictions are recommended. If an injury or illness restricts an employee from work, the injured employee needs to submit a Work Status Report form (signed by the medical provider) identifying those restrictions to the District. (Union Advantage #1: members injured on the job can contact MTI staff for assistance with the process. MTI has produced a Workers’ Compensation Fact Sheet for members advising of the process and of their rights.)

Once approved, Workers’ Compensation is supposed to compensate the employee at two-thirds (2/3) of the employee’s wage rate up to certain maximum during a period of temporary disability. (Union Advantage #2: MTI’s Contracts, and next school year’s Employee Handbook, require that injured employees eligible for workers’ compensation receive 100% of wages for the first 180 days of injury.)

Much more on John Matthews, here.